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How could a little web posting with a few pictures that cost me virtually nothing be generating all of these phone calls and emails?

Well I didn't need to be hit over the head too hard to figure out that this internet thing was something I needed to look into a little more closely for both of my business's.

For several months I investigated how much it would cost to have a website designed professionally; I eventually determined that wasn't an option. The places I talked to were quoting me in the thousands of dollars for "several pages" and baffling me with computer and internet jargon, Domain names, DNS, HTML, FTP, Internet, World Wide Web, Dot this and Dot that. I was dazed.

As confused as I was I was equally convinced that the internet was going to be huge in the very near future and I needed to do something to get on board on a larger scale. After all, I had already experienced firsthand the boost that even minimal internet exposure could give my business's. I knew I had to do something, but due to budget constraints my only option was to see if there was something more substantial I could do on my own.

After several months of sifting through the confusing terminology and reading about the bare bones of the internet, and talking with and learning from individuals with considerable knowledge and experience with the web and how it worked, I finally launched my own website!

In the first few months following the launch of my site I was able to determine that I was actually right about a few things:
The internet was going to be huge (go figure).
b) The internet was the punch in the arm my business needed. Since the launch of my website in 1998 I have spent ZERO dollars on traditional advertising yet within 2 years my catering volume increased by 300%. This has allowed me to hire more employees so I am able to spend more time with my growing family.
c) There was no need for me to spend a couple of thousand dollars to launch a website that I was proud of and did what I needed it to do, which was to generate interest in my companies services.
d) Neither do you!

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